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job fixes

Post by Jim Raynor on Sat Oct 03, 2015 1:20 pm

1. make assasion a vip job and no none of this basic assassion and vip assassion stuff there just needs to be assassion which is a vip job since players use them as a free rdm class plus it would mak people go hitman if they want to accept hits.
2. make it so terorrists cant do anything without a terrorist leader which the terrorist leader should be a vip job and no basic terrorist leader as well as add a rule for all terrorist that they can be banned if the change there job name to terrorist leader
3.change ninja into parkour expert and remove the knife from there job as well as this parkour swep you have it slows down the game so much for everyone
4.all jobs shouldnt be able to buy ieds/ c4 only terrorist should also increase the price on ieds to 7500 and keep the c4 at 10k
5. the minigun shipment should cost 1Million to buy cause its so op

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