vip and custom class

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vip and custom class

Post by Jim Raynor on Sun Oct 04, 2015 1:28 pm

i think that the server needs to have its vip code 20 bucks for a one time payment instead of 10 bucks a month cause you will never know if they will leave in like a month or not.

Custom classes should cose 30 bucks but i knw that custom claasses can slow down the server but i think it could be good s charge like 30 bucks for the claas limit to one per steam id add like a 5 dollar charge if they want it to be bound to them only (thi part is optional) then add like a 10 dollar fee if they want a custom weapon and again i know the load time will increase.

and finally add a budle for 50 bucks they can get a custom job and vip (custom bound and custom weapons excluded) so that if people want both they can get both for one deal

and this is going to sound dumb but add a payment option for people who will buy you a game on steam for vip no cstom class will be purchased with a steam game but this will come at a cost there vip will be temporary 1 month for each 10 dollars on the price of the game thats all i wanted to say

(the custom bound price and weapon are optional)

Jim Raynor

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Re: vip and custom class

Post by Lawrence on Tue Oct 06, 2015 5:52 pm

I wouldn't want to do the custom classes because it's not worth slowing down my uses for the amount being paid. The server is meant to be enjoyable for everyone. I cannot do these custom classes because it's not worth slowing every user down. A server doesn't matter if there aren't any people available to play.

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