Juke Murphy's Mod Applacation

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Juke Murphy's Mod Applacation

Post by Itslgend15 on Mon Oct 05, 2015 1:46 am

Steam Name: ItsLegend15

RolePlay Name: Juke Murphy

Age: 15

Residence: Tasmania, Australia

TimeZone If US what State, if not state the Country: Australia

Have a mic? yes i do have a microphone and i use it most of the time.

Position: Moderator and hopefully Admin if i turn out well as a moderator.

Have you owned a server before? Explain. no i havent but i am Head-Admin on Frankie Cat Skittles (Lord Hobo)'s server.

Please state what you can do for the server? (Quality answer) i hope to bring new ideas and make sure that the server only has a community of players and not minges.

How many hours have you played on the server? i have 20 minutes on the server but hope to play more.

Experience on other servers before? Name the server and your positions. Cats Rp (Lord Hobo)'s Server and i am Head-Admin on that server.

Can you program/code/script? If so, what languages?  I have dont a bit of coding for jobs on a previous dark rp server.

How serious are you of being staff? Yes? Explain how serious. Im a Very Serious Staff member and i will never be unfair and will only give out bans when needed

What days are you available? Please state your hours.

Monday: Yes
4 hours

Tuesday: Yes
4 hours

Wednesday: Yes
4 hours

Thursday: Yes
4 hours
Friday: Yes
4 hours

Saturday: Yes
7 hours

Sunday: Yes
7 hours

During the holiday period i am available monday to friday 7 hours a day

hope fully you like my application and i hope to be accepted into this great community and to be able to be a staff member

-Juke Murphy


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