Citizen Protection Rules Section 6

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Citizen Protection Rules Section 6

Post by Lawrence on Tue Oct 06, 2015 7:19 pm

1.0 If a gang member tries to raid you:
-Type /advert trespassing
-If they do not follow you may shoot them.[/color]

1.1 If a thief is mugging you. Avert /advert "counter" and you may kill him if you have a weapon.
Otherwise, he may kill you if you don't give him the money in time.

1.2 If a thief is locking or trying to crack your keypad, type /advert Get off my Lawn! and kill them if they continue to do so.

1.3 If someone randomly attacks you and doesn't /advert apologize you have the right to kill them.
You must type /advert Self Defense

1.4 If someone tries to take your property. Type /advert Thief! You may kill them if they take your property. (Physgun or GravGUN or Pickup)

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