Legitimate DM (You can kill other players) READ THIS.

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Legitimate DM (You can kill other players) READ THIS.

Post by Lawrence on Tue Oct 06, 2015 7:23 pm

0.7 After killing someone you must /advert LDM

0.8 Avoid shooting near innocent citizens, killing them on purpose will result in a ban.

0.9 RDM: Killing someone without the LDM job tag will result in a ban.

1.0  You MUST change your job to have the "LDM" tag you must ONLY KILL Players with that Job TAG.

1.1 You MUST also change your job to one of these jobs: Assassin, Ninja, Hitman,Terrorist,Gangster,Citizen

1.2 You cannot linger around the safe zone.

1.3 You cannot fly in LDM.

1.4 You are allowed to base. Read basing rules.

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