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Rule Suggestion

Post by Jim Raynor on Wed Oct 07, 2015 8:40 pm

General Rules:
1: Earrape music will not be tolerated you boombox will be confiscated if you play ear rape
2. no songs that say a phrase over and over
3. Dont raid someone just to get a kill

1: as long as you own the buildings doors and have a way up for all jobs then you ca build on a building
2. a keypad must have a minimum of 4 seconds of holding time '
3. a building sign protects you from raids
4. no maze basses.
5. if you have any valubles in your base aka printers and you have a building sign up then you can be raided

Civil Protection rules
1. Plice can only build in the police hq
2. police may not own printers
3. dont warrent/ arrest someone unless you see them breaking the law
4: you must ask to weapon check people no random weapon check unless in pd or mayer law

1 (both): you may not kill anyone unless you have a hit or they are of the other job

Thief rules:
1: you may not lockpick fading doors

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