Prosytitues and pimps

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Prosytitues and pimps

Post by Jim Raynor on Sun Oct 11, 2015 9:27 pm

i think that we should add a few new jobs to the servert
the prostitute would replace the beach babe sine are server has no beaches an they are meant to seduce any ways so noo need for anything new but they should come equipped with a rape swep aka the sex swep
ther main job is make money or themselves charging as much as they want for sex
if theres a pimp on though they must lissten to him
the prostitues can rebel against the pimp if they feel hes being unfair

the pimp job is to run the prostitutes in town
he is allowed to kill prostitutes that dont listen to him
they can be killed if the prostitues rebel

that s all

possible pimp model and rape swep

(the model isnt needed but would work)
possible make the rapper a pimp

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