Mr Toxic's Mod Application

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Mr Toxic's Mod Application

Post by VortexZone on Mon Oct 12, 2015 5:33 pm

Steam Name: Toxic Vortex™

RolePlay Name:

Age: 15

Residence: Melbourne VIC

TimeZone If US what State, if not state the Country: (UTC+10:00) Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

Have a mic? Yes

Position: {Moderator}

Have you owned a server before? Explain. No

Please state what you can do for the server? (Quality answer) I can get more people on by advertise on over servers even tho i get banned on them as long as i get people on the server and i will sort out problems and help with anything serious

How many hours have you played on the server? 11h

Experience on other servers before? Name the server and your positions. Riot RP Head of Staff but the server is now closed and Head Admin on a server called Marks server of death but now closed

Can you program/code/script? If so, what languages? I can code in Lua

How serious are you of being staff? Yes? Explain how serious. Im very serious with my position in staff i take things serious in this type of position

What days are you available? Please state your hours.

Monday: Yes
5 hrs

Tuesday: Yes
3 hrs

Wednesday: No

Thursday: Yes
3 hrs

Friday: Yes
5 hrs

Saturday: Yes
6 hours

Sunday: Yes
7 hours


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