Skid's Mod Application

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Skid's Mod Application

Post by OGSkid on Sun Feb 28, 2016 8:49 pm

Steam Name: Skid

RolePlay Name: Skid

Age: 13

Residence: California

TimeZone If US what State, if not state the Country: Pacific, California

Have a mic? Yes

Position: Member

Have you owned a server before? Explain. No.

Please state what you can do for the server? (Quality answer) I want to help out the server as much as I possibly can from trying to stop problems like RDM to fights between players or issues in general.

How many hours have you played on the server? About 7.

Experience on other servers before? Name the server and your positions. None, this would be my first time.

Can you program/code/script? If so, what languages? No.

How serious are you of being staff? Yes? Explain how serious.Yes, I like this server and there are times I've seen mass RDM and I've wanted to be able to stop it and or help the situation, or other times players have had problems with others and such and I've also felt it would be good to help out that situation as well, in all I wanna be as serious as I can be when it comes to stopping fights to stopping problems in all.

What days are you available? Please state your hours. I'm usually able to play every day for 2-4 hours each day if needed be.

Side Note: I'm sorry about this, but for some reason I couldn't get the answers in red.


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