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God Of War's Staff App

Post by God Of War on Mon Feb 29, 2016 7:42 pm

Steam Name: God Of War

RolePlay Name: God Of War

Age: 14

Residence: US, Ohio

TimeZone If US what State, if not state the Country: Eastern, Ohio

Have a mic? Yes

Position: User

Have you owned a server before? Explain. Yes, I was the owner of a Darkrp Server and after that, I was an owner of a star wars RP server. I have alot of experience with owning servers and being staff on the server, so I'd think I would fit the job well.

Please state what you can do for the server? (Quality answer) I can provide my time and effort to making the server an better place for all the players. I am very strict and stern and I will call people out if they break the rules and attempt to get away with it. I can also be nice and understanding at the same time. I have alot of experience being staff on my own server and on several others. I have around 2000 hours on Gmod and most of those were on DarkRP. I can help with ULX and coding if needed, I can help with general staff stuff. I am skilled in almost every area. I have been talking to the owner and superadmin Jim Bryan. I wish to help in any way I can. I also donated 10$ which is all I can donate to help the server.

How many hours have you played on the server? 9 hours (Soon to be more)

Experience on other servers before? Name the server and your positions. My 2 servers, Owner. I played on another Darkrp server called pie-gaming which I was staff-manager on and I played on several star wars RP servers such as refugee gaming which I was mod-superadmin on, I have played dozens of different servers with dozens of different ranks(Obviously I can't remember them all.) Most of these servers went down due to lack of funds or something similar.

Can you program/code/script? If so, what languages? I have developed multiple Gmod servers and LUA mostly. I have alot of experience, but I would'nt call myself a pro.

How serious are you of being staff? Yes? Explain how serious. I wish to be strict as I can and be nice at the same time, so I am not hated. I am the type of staff member that if I see abuse from other staff, I'll call them out and be like "thats not cool bro." and stuff like that. I really want to be staff on this server because I see improvement, which is a good thing. Every server should have room to improve or it will get old very quick.

What days are you available? Please state your hours. Ex:

Monday: Yes
2-4 Hours

Tuesday: Yes
2-4 hours

Wednesday: Yes
2-4 Hours

Thursday: Yes
2-4 Hours

Friday: Yes
4-6 Hours

Saturday: Yes
6 hours

Sunday: Yes
6 hours

P.S: Jim Bryan recommended me, I have been helping the owner with some stuff such as the ATMs and printers etc. I just wish to help the server grow and prosper as much as I can, This server has great potential and I want to help aid the ride!

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