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legiMa Staff app

Post by legiMa on Thu Mar 31, 2016 6:53 pm

Steam Name: LegimaHD

RolePlay Name: legiMa

Age: 16

Residence: Florida

TimeZone If US what State, if not state the Country: Eastern Time

Have a mic? AT-2020 (link)

Position: Normal user

Have you owned a server before? Explain. Tons of Minecraft servers back when I was 15 but nothing major

Please state what you can do for the server? (Quality answer)

As soon as I hopped on the server, I was faced with an RDM (about 10 minutes after joining).
After playing a while, I realize, damn, these guys don't do anything to protect their users.
So I decided to take it upon myself to help this community. I've already talked with some of
the guys and it seems like they're genuinely good people. Being 16, I believe I have a good
if not high level of maturity. In real life, I'm taking AP classes, holding a job at my local supermarket,
and currently I am the owner of a graphics design firm that sells designs for $1 (msg me if you're
interested by the way). I've been playing this game for around 375 hours and I know the ins and outs
of GMOD. I've also been admin many times. I guess I've gotten the staff positions many times due to
my character. Not trying to toot my own horn, but I'm a down to earth, honest guy who does what he's
told and will always respond to a situation. Living with a younger sibling, I've learned alot about controlling
little kids (there's too many on the server Razz) and I know how to keep my cool and be fair. Honestly, I'd be
nice if I could talk with some of the staff through Skype or any other communications form and help out
whenever. I don't even need to have a staff position per se. I would be fine just getting to know the staff
and helping out when needed.

~ legiMa

How many hours have you played on the server? I think 5? Don't know

Experience on other servers before? Name the server and your positions.

Lithium Gaming: Moderator
ICE Gaming (server 1): Moderator (for a couple weeks)

Can you program/code/script? If so, what languages? Not at all but I'm a damn good graphics designer.

How serious are you of being staff? Yes? Explain how serious. As serious as a tumor. Just kidding Razz. I'm pretty serious about it due to me being annoyed every time I'm RMD'd and no one does anything about it Razz.

What days are you available? Please state your hours. Ex:

Monday: Yes

Tuesday: Yes

Wednesday: Yes

Thursday: Yes

Friday: Yes

Saturday: Not really, I have to work on my graphics design and study for finals

Sunday: Not really, Sunday is for God and my family Razz


I'd appreciate it if you guys could take the time out and consider my app Razz
peace and love <3

~ legiMa


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