General Rules Section 1.

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General Rules Section 1.

Post by Lawrence on Tue Sep 15, 2015 8:23 pm

If a player breaks the rules type /advert BR [Rule Number]

1.0 Always welcome a new player on the server.

1.1 Do not spawn kill other players.

1.2 No racial slurs of any kind.

1.3 No prop killing other players (Unless it's your friend and he allows it)
Make sure you guys are far from other players.

1.4 If you kill a player on accident type /advert Accident

1.5 If another player kills you and it says Hit Completed!
You cannot kill them back as REVENGE

1.6 No hacking/scripting under any circumstance.

1.7 No spamming the textbox.

1.8 No prop spamming, Admins are alerted and may warn you.

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