Gangs Section 2.

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Gangs Section 2.

Post by Lawrence on Tue Sep 15, 2015 9:03 pm

Gang Rules

Gang Rules

Gang Creation

3.0 You can go to the Organization NPC and make a gang or organization.
Type !orghelp for help. !orgmenu for menu.

3.1 All members of your gang must be the same job.

3.2 Your gang must have a name. You should type /job "Name of Gang" so people can know what gang you're from.

3.2 You may only have 1 gang leader. Ex: Mobb Boss.

Base Rules

3.1 Your gang may create a BASE in town and own a building.
It must be far from another base
Admins have the right to delete your base

3.2 If an enemy gang member attempts to enter your base without permission you can:
Kill them automatically if they are a gang member

3.3 Your base must have a visible access. So other gangs may raid it.

Raid Rules

3.4 You may raid other Gang bases but first you must:
-Type /raid gang
-You can kill the enemy gang.
-You may steal their printers or money.
-You may steal their single guns and shipments.

3.5 You may also raid stores/citizens but first you must:
-Type /raid store
-You may ask for money and if they don't give it you may kill them.


Countering Rules

3.6 If a gang member tries to raid you:
-Type /advert trespassing
-If they do not follow you may shoot them.[/color]

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