Terrorist Section 3.

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Terrorist Section 3.

Post by Angel345 on Tue Sep 15, 2015 9:20 pm




2.0 You must bomb a victim that has been set out by a terrorist leader.
-When you bomb a victim, HE MUST BE ALONE!

2.1 You must wait 15 minutesto bomb the next victim.

2.2 You must wait at least 10 minutes before bombing another building.

2.3 Terrorists may use their bombs as self defense if they are being shot at.

2.4 In order to bomb, you must advert a message that includes the word (or any variation like BOOM) "BOMBING"


2.5 You can kidnap the President's Daughter. You can kidnap the President as well.
Police must try and rescue the President or his daughter.

2.6 You must wait 40 minutes before kidnapping the same person.

2.7 The MAX time you may hold a person is 15 minutes.

2.8 Do NOT kidnap just to kill them. You can advert a price to set them free.

2.9 You may kidnap ONE GANG MEMBER or their BOSS.You can advert a price to set them free.


2.10 If you're being kidnapped and you have a weapon. You can type /counter
and shoot all of them if you can.


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