Killing Section 4.

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Killing Section 4.

Post by Angel345 on Tue Sep 15, 2015 9:30 pm

5.0 Do NOT PK (Player kill), this means killing someone for no legitimate reason.

5.1 You can kill someone in your base if they are trespassing:
-You must have a KOS sign
-Type /advert trespassing to warn them. If they don't listen you may shoot.

5.2 You may NOT kill in a raid if the person has no gun.

5.3 The max for mugging is 500. The max hitprice is only 10,000.  

5.4 When mugging, you must give the player time to drop money. Five Seconds is the smallest amount of time allowed. (always include this in your mug advert)

5.5 If you are a criminal job and you try to mug someone and they do not comply, you can kill them.

5.6 Hitmen may NOT ask for a hit on a specific person.

5.7 Do NOT place a hit on someone consecutively.

5.8 Players CANNOT be raided if they are building. (Must have building sign)

5.9 Do not "bait" people to shoot at you by shooting around them or taunting them. Doing allows them to kill or arrest you without being punished.


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